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Adrian HibbertHi There My Friend,

Welcome to my 4 Corners Alliance Web Page.  My name is Adrian Hibbert and I am a Property Professional and Wealth Entrepreneur based in Cardiff, South Wales, in the UK.  I’m not sure if you know where Cardiff is, but here is a location link to where I hangout most days and always over the weekend – Cardiff Bay



adrian hibbert and raymond hibbert or ray hibbert tonypandyI am originally from a place called Tonypandy and here is a recent photo taken of me in July 2o14 at my parents home in Tonypandy where I was born.  Most of the properties I own are in the view behind the picture on the right of me and my Dad.




adrian hibbertI met the love of my life in October, 2005.  Her name is Virginia. She’d been single for 2 years after going through a divorce and I had split with my current partner a few months before I met her.  Virginia has two lovely daughters who I have known since they were 5 and 9. In the picture below taken at Cardiff Bay in August 2014,  they are 14 and 18.

I really hope we can connect further after you reading this and I really look forward to working with you.

Adrian Hibbert – Property Professional & Wealth Entrepreneur

Call me anytime on +44 7966 871854IMG_3009[1]


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